EP: "Didja Know Im Enough" Out Now

With 6 Single releases under her belt, Natalie Leonard is fired up to debut her first EP album 'Didja Know Im Enough'.  Created with gravity, the album fixates on empowerment and finding light in dark places.   
The winding tempos through three numbers pounce onto life with a melancholic, heated lullaby; 'Faded Photo', respited by the revving engines and throat slicing stilettos of mission-womanhood in 'Didja Know Im Enough'. 'Why Cant I See You' runs stately scales on sensitivity, launching the coming-of-age cycle back to the top where she can ride the kick-drums of evolution at the latest tempo round’n’round, again and again. 
Cause that’s how it rolls.

Watch "Faded Photo" -video- 

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