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HARAJUKU out now 

Harajuku reflects on a love found and lost in Japan. Carried by a sweet, melancholy breeze of harmony, the playful melody compels your head to bop and your feet to groove.

Out Now on all music platforms! Listen HERE Watch …

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US AGAIN out now 

Us Again showers your soul with one-that-got-away nostalgia and soaks it in a dulcet, swift, feel-good cantabile. Honoring a love that was pure and finding a groove through the pain, dance to the pulse of your desire with Us Again. 

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EVER FEEL YOU out now 

"Ever Feel You" melodically swoons with a steadfast beat to confess the truths of a love that won't die. So often our cynical nature can make devotion seem stupid and pointless. Natalie invites listeners to identify with a story they…

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BUBBLE out now! 

BUBBLE tickles your ears with a Plastic Baroque Synth-Pop hook that eases your mind into the shadeful lyrics about our social media-obsessed world. Natalie hopes that listeners feel empowered to ditch the bubble-wrapped plastic fakeness that's shoved down our throats…

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WHAT CHOO WANT out now! 

Natalie releases single #2 "What Choo Want" !

"What Choo Want" questions motives, establishes worth and doesn't f*ck around. Sometimes people try to jump into your orbit without knowing who they're dealing with... but you kinda like it. Natalie hopes…

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Natalie launches into the music industry with the release of her new single "Any Other Monday"!

"Any Other Monday" is a pleading Time-Turner tale that pokes at everyone's bandaids. Inspired by a crumbling LDR (Long Distance Relationship). Often times…

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